Representing Families & Businesses by Concierge Subscription

Peace of Mind that Comes from Ongoing Protection

Through our exclusive subscription platform, clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having dedicated legal counsel on standby, ready to address any legal matters that may arise. We assist subscription clients in estate planning, business representation, and serve as your on-call first point-of-contact to ensure all legal matters are handled promptly and effectively. As tax laws, family circumstances, or business issues arise, your legal team proactively works to keep you secure.

Our Concierge Legal Services Provide
Numerous Benefits, Including:


Unparalleled responsiveness, with direct access to the schedules of our legal team.


Expertise in estate planning, ensuring the seamless transfer of assets and preservation of wealth for future generations.


For business clients, a proactive approach to legal matters, anticipating issues and providing strategic guidance to avoid potential pitfalls, all while harmonizing services with your family’s estate plan.


Coordination with your financial advisor, accountant, insurance broker, and anyone else on your team of experts.


An "in-house general counsel" or "family attorney" role, providing clients with continuous legal support and advice.


A limited client base, ensuring our undivided focus on each client's unique needs.